What is Thinkasaur?

Thinkasaur is a service that delivers boxes packed with 3-4 science experiments targeted at children aged 5-10 straight to your doorsteps. We aim to make our boxes fun and accessible to all kinds of learners, and to inspire an interest in Science from an early age and to gain critical thinking, innovation and problem solving skills.

Having spent their childhood in a time before the invention of the mobile phone, the founders of Thinkasaur experienced great joy and fond memories by learning through handmade crafts, home experiments, and DIY hands-on learning.

As such, Thinkasaur seeks to rekindle this "old school" style of learning, bringing to you different monthly experiment themes, collectible prizes, and easy step-by-step instructions!

What is the recommended age group for the boxes?

Thinkasaur feels that the boxes would best be enjoyed by children between the ages of 5 to 10. However, children who are older/younger are more than welcome to try our boxes too! Fun should never have an age restriction!

Do I need a user account to buy Thinkasaur items?

Yes, it's necessary to create an account here at Thinkasaur. But don't worry, account creation is super simple!

Where can I buy a box?

Our primary point of sales would be via this website. However, in terms of physical shops, Thinkasaur is also currently working with several companies on future opportunities! We'll update our website and Instagram/Facebook pages once we have an update!

What is your "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy"?

For more information, please refer to the following pages: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

How do I find out more about the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

For PDPA enquiries, please email our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at and indicate your email subject as "PDPA: [Enter Details About Your Enquiry]"

I have an awesome idea for an experiment! Can I contribute my idea?

Absolutely! Thinkasaur would love to hear from you! Just drop us an email via with more information on your awesome idea!

I can no longer purchase a subscription on your website, why is this so?

Thinkasaur is currently undergoing some big (and better) changes so we've decided to remove the subscriptions from our website for now. Don't worry, our boxes can still be purchased here!

Can I customise the content of the boxes?

Unfortunately, no customisation is allowed. Thinkasaur is quite confident that you'll love our box, as we have put in a lot of time and effort to develop the content of each box, supported by a network of teachers, parents, and children, so as to ensure a fun and safe learning experience! 

For more information on our boxes, check out our Inside A Box section!

Does Thinkasaur allow cancellations?

Thinkasaur would hate to see you go, but should you be keen on cancelling your subscription, please email us at for more information on our cancellation policy. Also, do indicate your email subject as "Cancellation Enquiry: [Enter Your Full Name]"

How do I update my contact information (e.g. contact number, shipping/billing address)?

As part of ordering your first subscription box, you will be required to create a user account with Thinkasaur. From there, you may login to at any time to update your contact information, as this will be stored as part of your user account.

When will the boxes be shipped every month?

Please refer to our shipping timetable for more information

Do you reveal the experiments and/or themes for each box?

Thinkasaur will reveal some information about next month's theme/experiments via the current month's box. But we promise not to reveal too much, so that every box comes as an awesome surprise and is eagerly awaited for!

If I missed out a previous month's box (e.g. took a month's break before buying the next subscription), can I still buy a missing box?

Yes, boxes that have appeared in the previous months may be sold as single boxes (subject to stock availability).

What do I do with the sticker included in the box?

Collect each of the themed stickers and paste it on the A3 poster provided to redeem a prize!

Do the experiments have to be conducted outside or in a big open space?

Most of our experiments can be conducted in the comforts of your own house/room, but some experiments may be more fun if done outside! When that's the case, we will include that suggestion as part of the instructions!

Are the experiments safe? Do the experiments require adult supervision?

Safety is always a top priority here at Thinkasaur, and is a key decisive factor when we evaluate our experiments with our supporting network of teachers, parents, and children! Every instruction manual contains information on the time required, level of messiness, and level of adult supervision required for each experiment. Safety gear (e.g. safety goggles, gloves, etc) is also provided for the relevant experiments!

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Thinkasaur doesn't do international shipping at the moment. But we're working to include that very soon! So do look out for more updates on that!

Is shipping free?

Shipping is free for orders above SGD$20. For orders below that amount, there will be an additional SGD$5 charge. Note: Delivery will not be possible to the following areas.

How long does shipping take?

In terms of delivery timeline, please refer to the following table.

What happens if I miss the delivery (e.g. nobody at home at that time)?

In the event that nobody is at home to receive the delivery, an additional delivery attempt will be allotted to you. Either Thinkasaur or the courier company will notify you (via email and/or mobile) on how to arrange for a re-delivery.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, Thinkasaur only accepts credit/debit card payments via PayPal. If you aren't an existing PayPal member and don't wish to join, you can still checkout our items and pay via PayPal as a guest. PayPal is an easy and secure way of making payments, plus it doesn't cost extra for you to pay via PayPal!

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, Thinkasaur would be happy to assist you with that! For orders of 5 boxes and above, please drop us an email at

Can I buy a box as a gift?

Yes, please do! Thinkasaur boxes are an awesome gift and Thinkasaur sells gift cards in various denominations. For more information, check out our Gift Card Section

Do gift cards have an expiry date?

Yes, gift cards are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase.

Can a gift card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still balance remaining on the card.

How do I check my gift card balance?

The balance is displayed beside the gift card when applied to a cart during checkout.

Can I use gift cards to pay for the subscription?

Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.

What is your return policy?

(i) If the item is new, unused, and still in its original packaging/wrapping, you may request to return the item to Thinkasaur in exchange for store credit ( cash refunds).

(ii) If the item is defective, you may request for a replacement. Depending on a case by case basis, Thinkasaur may replace only a specific component/part that is defective, instead of the entire item/subscription box.

(iii) In either of the above scenarios, please email us via, indicate your email subject as "Returns and Replacements: [Enter Your Order Number]", and attach photos of the item that you’re referring to. Thinkasaur will reply you via email to start the assessment process. In order for Thinkasaur to assess if an item is eligible for return or replacement, you may be required to send the item back to Thinkasaur. Once Thinkasaur has received and inspected your item, we will email you to notify you of the inspection outcome. More information will be shared with you via email.

(iv) Please note that this policy is only valid for 30 days from date of purchase. If we don’t receive your email within those 30 days, we will be unable to offer you the relevant return or replacement.

(v) The following items are ineligible for returns or replacements: Gift cards

Are the experiments for the single box purchase the same as those for the subscription-based purchase?

For each theme within the year (e.g. Magnets 2016), the experiments within the single box and subscription box are exactly the same. This model of consistency across the boxes ensures that every box is equally as fun, no matter if you're buying a single box just to try it out or a subscription to enjoy the awesome savings!

How can I contact Thinkasaur?

For general enquiries and feedback:

For sales enquiries:

What other social media platforms can I find Thinkasaur on?