How do we get the Thinkasaur poster and stickers?

With each first purchase of a Thinkasaur box, you’ll receive a Thinkasaur poster along with that month’s themed Thinkasaur sticker.

In subsequent Thinkasaur boxes, you’ll receive that month’s themed Thinkasaur sticker.



How do we obtain our prizes?

  1. Colour in the Thinkasaur poster! Make it as colourful as possible!
  2. Paste each of the themed Thinkasaur stickers within the dotted circles on the poster.
  3. Every 6 stickers that you paste on the poster entitles you to a prize!
  4. To redeem the prize:
    1. Take a photo of your coloured poster.
    2. Email it to us at, with the subject title “Thinkasaur Poster Prize”.
    3. Wait for us to receive your email and we’ll then send over your prize!